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Rice Park Synopsis

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Rice Park Synopsis

Victor is 35, an Executive that travels to Saint Paul on a monthly basis.  He flies in and then stays at the Saint Paul Hotel in Downtown Saint Paul.   Victor is a passionate, kind and lonely man,  He spends his evenings sitting in the historic Rice Park watching the people.

The historic park is surrounded by the hotel and a century old library and theater.  On warm summer evenings the park is filled with people from all walks of life.  Couples in love, families with children, elders with only memories, young people and the homeless.  Rice Park is also a regular stop for Cynthia.

Cynthia is 36, an Artist living and working on Downtown Saint Paul.  She comes to Rice Park to be with people.  Cynthia is a writer and painter, both crafts leave her alone for hours in her studio.  Cynthia is a strong, sensitive, inspiring woman.  Cynthia has a standing room at the hotel. 

Victor and Cynthia find themselves at Rice Park together on occasion, never speaking, only making momentary eye contact, only to not see each other for another month.

On one particular summer afternoon Victor is sitting in the park staring into the fountain and occasionally at Cynthia.  Cynthia walks behind Victor dropping a key to the Saint Paul Hotel in his park bench.  Cynthia walks briskly to the hotel.

Victor walks to the end of the hall to find room 1023.  The door cracked.  Victor knocks lightly on the door and it opens to Cynthia dressed in a long bath robe.  She holds Victors hand and guides him to the edge of the bed where she slowly undresses him.  Victor and Cynthia make love.

Their love affair continues with walks in the park, breakfasts at sunrise and making love in the afternoon.  Victor is falling in love ... and Cynthia can't see past tomorrow.

Following dinner and a long evening together, Victor and Cynthia fall asleep in each others arms.  The next morning the sun fills the room.  Victor wakes up alone.  Cynthia is not there.  There is a note and a small box on the counter. 

Victor reads the note as a tear forms in his eye.  In the box, the key to the standing room. 

Victor walks out the front to the Saint Paul Hotel.  It's winter.  The camera pulls back to reveal Victor alone in a park, trees covered with snow.